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KYCS Global Inc.
The experts in real-time location, identification and
theft recovery systems for all your high value assets.

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KYCS Asset Theft Recovery System – Features

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Online Platform and App
  • Three (3) years of data service
  • Replaceable Battery
  • RVDA Endorsed
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  • Simple to install- no wiring
  • Virtually undetectable by radio frequency scanners
  • One (1) pre-set location per day
  • One (1) KYCS Locate device
  • Partnered with Crime Stoppers

About KYCS Global Inc

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KYCS Locate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Locate your asset once a day, everyday. Peace of mind with theft recovery capabilities.

No – KYCS Locate is not a GPS device. KYCS Locate is an IoT (internet of things) device that leverages trilateration using narrow-band technology and cellular towers. The location is then routed through KYCS’ proprietary circuit board that emits a low frequency signal. The signal location is then plotted on a Google Map and Google Earth Map.
No – KYCS Locate is a one-time up-front cost with the option to renew after 3 years. Battery is replaceable.
The battery is replaceable. There is a battery life display in the app and web portal that indicates how many days are left. KYCS has an ECO program to ship and return the device with a new battery along with SIM Card.
KYCS will contact the customer 45 days prior to the service ending and ask if they would like to renew. The cost for another 3-year service will be $249 .
KYCS Locate pings once per day for two main reasons:
1. Because Locate is self powered, the battery life on the unit will last longer with one ping per day.
2. It makes Locate become virtually undetectable by radio frequency scanners and GPS jammers - common tools for locating tracking devices. KYCS Locate is ideal for theft recovery because it only powers on once a day, updates its current location, then goes back to sleep. Locate is powered off for more than 99% of the day so it cannot be detected and disabled.
There are high powered magnets on the bottom of the device that can be attached to metal. The device is weatherproof with an IP68 rating. A 3M adhesive pad is also included that can be used for non-metal surfaces. Find a covert location on your asset, place the KYCS Locate there and that is it!
The KYCS Locate App is available to download for both Apple and Android phones in the non-automotive verticals. The web portal is located at A KYCS customer service rep will reach out to the customer after they have placed their order to ensure they can access the portal. They will be sent a username and password for their account.
Call the police and file a report, then call or email KYCS at 1-866-800-4111 or KYCS will connect to your KYCS Locate device the next time it powers on and increase the ping rate to actively track the location of your asset.
KYCS is partnered with Crime Stoppers to help with theft recovery across North America.
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